Process Automation

Process automation streamlines business processes by automating repeatable day-today tasks, a stepping-stone in adopting a business culture of continuous improvement and transformation. Businesses should start with low hanging fruit and gradually incorporate automation into all high-volume tasks.

Why automate business processes?

Process automation eliminates bottlenecks and processing times, by streamlining the human processing time, improving accountability, transparency, and minimising errors. The output is increased productivity, efficiency, and control across the organisation.

How does process automation work?

Business processes are comprised of a set of tasks that get performed in a specific way or order to achieve a desired outcome. Process automation software allows process owners to create defined rules to trigger workflows and steps, quickly and efficiently.

What business processes should you automate

  1. Employee Onboarding
  2. CRM or Sales Processes
  3. Support Ticketing
  4. Leave Approvals
  5. Expense Approvals
  6. Purchasing & Invoicing
  7. Data Transfer

What are the benefits of business process automation?

  • Time Saving - Free up valuable employee time by completing tasks quicker and error free
  • Reduce Costs - Businesses lose up to 30% of revenue each year due to inefficient processes, switching to automation reduces errors
  • Increase Productivity - Moving repeatable and high-volume tasks to automation, allows for multiple processes to run simultaneously. Leading to higher levels of productivity
  • Ensure Compliance - When processes are automated they follow clear sets of rules, allowing for traceability and better compliance

Determining if a process is a good fit for automation

There are several factors when defining whether a process is suitable for automation, is the process repeatable, is it currently being performed by a human, how is the data structured etc. The Nexus business process improvement team can advise through consultancy, and process discovery workshops, helping businesses to enable automation of end-to-end processes with little manual effort.

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