Nintex Promapp allows teams to map, share, review, and update processes through a cloud-based management platform. Promapp drives organisation wide collaboration, driving business growth by increasing visibility and accountability by redesigning and improving processes through one single platform.

Why use Nintex Promapp®?

Nintex Promapp makes managing processes easy by identifying where system changes can impact a business. Identify, and track opportunities for automation and for continuous improvement.

We are Promapp consultants

Nexus helps businesses to change how work gets done, improving the way people manage processes, and we help teams discover new ways to work with a new sense of purpose, bonded together by a common business vision.

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Benefits of Promapp

  • Simplify organisational processes
  • Provide real-time collaboration and feedback
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Simplify risk and compliance
  • Improve quality and consistency

Wave goodbye to complex Visio diagrams

Using VISIO to map processes leads to complex, confusing flow charts that offer little into the actual flow of the process. When processes change and evolve, these charts and diagrams become obsolete. Promapp resolves these issues by showing the full lifecycle of the process from start to end, who is involved and the steps along the way, easily modified as processes evolve.

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