Innovative technology powered by people.

Nexus: Specific solutions. Solid delivery.

No matter your project or your budget we have specific solutions to suit your needs.

Software development.

In today’s technology market we feel it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and deliver, not just the best software solutions but the best client experience. That’s why, with our combined years of experience in developing software across a wide range of sectors, we are able to think outside the box and tailor software that adds value.

Our initial communication and collaboration with our client helps us set goals. We consider the whole software development life cycle from design and architecture to testing and delivery; our client is our focus.

Projects vary; we understand this. That’s why we determine the best solution within budget. We can create a highly customisable package, or a bespoke solution that is specific and tailored.

No matter what the objectives are, we will recognise the business strategy behind the vision – with an open and flexible approach we always strive to deliver innovative, results oriented software solutions for our client.

Data & Analytics.

In this information age, data is the currency we trade in. We understand the strategic importance of data; its value and power.

Everybody has data, but does everyone know what to do with it? We believe, on the whole, the answer is no. Your company may be ticking along, on cruise control unaware how data can take your business up a gear.  The shift comes with understanding how a business can drive productivity and profits by using insights from data. 

Nexus aims to be your data driver. Our skills in analytics, forecasting and predicting can help benefit your business not just for now but to safeguard the future. 

Speed is of the essence; contact us to talk to a member of our skilled team.

Project management.

For us project management is about achieving project goals without sacrificing quality and most importantly being able to deliver. Our ethos is about action.

Delivery is the ultimate end and to achieve this we concentrate on each stage of the process. This requires careful planning and timing, focussing always on the objectives and outcomes, always being mindful of our client’s objectives, end goal and budget.

We encourage dynamic communication; we believe the end result is only met by the collaboration between the whole team, including project managers, designers, contractors and sub-contractors. We have the experience to orchestrate people, maximise their skills and bring everything together to maximise value.

We know the inner workings of many sectors, we know how governance works and therefore have a unique perspective and view of the client side. So, when it comes to project management we understand where our client wants to be and how to get there – from project conception and initiation to performance and control to ultimately delivering the final outcome.

IoT development.

Sensors are becoming the big sensation, with a growing number of applications now changing the way we live. Sensors and thermostats can be embedded in everyday physical devices and controlled remotely via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

This technology is changing the way we interact with everyday items making for smart homes, smart security systems and smart cities. This of course extends to smart businesses; it can improve employee efficiency, help deliver better customer experiences and enhance operations by collecting data and transforming into insight and action.

At Nexus we can deliver bespoke IoT solutions; we believe this cutting edge technology will be adopted by more businesses, both locally and worldwide as we move towards 2020, enabling them to grow and be more cost effective.

While we embrace new ideas, we believe in a realistic approach to IoT. It’s important to make sure systems are properly integrated. Collecting data and creating reporting platforms is key to delivering real and beneficial results to businesses.